Welcome to the ReCom Database

The purpose of the Renal Complementopathy (ReCom) Database is to provide physicians a convenient online resource to upload clinical and pathological data (i.e. biopsy images) on patients with complement-mediated renal disease. Featured prominently in the ReCom database are the diseases C3 Glomerulopathy (Dense Deposit Disease and C3 Glomerulonephritis) and Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (complement-mediated HUS). The ReCom Database allows the Molecular Otolaryngology and Renal Research Laboratories (MORL) to work closely with practicing physicians to provide CLIA certified genetic and biomarker data in order to facilitate advanced diagnosis and treatment of this complicated group of patients. The ReCom Database is also the portal to research studies within the MORL research platform and ensures that all physicians and patients have an opportunity to participate in state-of-the-art research.
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